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With Semograph you can carry out a full research cycle,
including collecting material, data processing, expert
analysis, statistical analysis and modeling based
on the principles of editable visualization.

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Effective work with teams,
no matter how big they are
or where they are

With Semograph you can create a group of remote experts. You can work on the project simultaneously with any number of the project group participants. Semograph is a web-application, so all they will
need for work is a browser.

You don’t need additional apps for organization: formulate task-tickets, indicate the ticket status, appoint task performers and deadlines, maintaining statistics for each project participant with Semograph teamwork tools.

Carrying out the online experiment
Classification of experiment responses in term of the speech act theory
Input of primary linquistic data
Metadata editing
Finding and marking nonverbal text components
Part-of-speech text tagging
Part-of-speech text tagging
Thematic text tagging
Try the free basic version

You are not limited neither in the number of projects, nor in the number of users. For expert
work you can employ the whole set of basic tools. You need only a browser for work.

or via
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Can I get advice on how to carry out my research in Semograph?

Please send an email describing your problem to the following address

Will the previous Semograph versions be available?

Two previous versions will be available at the following web-addresses: and As long as users working on the previous versions of system remain, we will maintain the previous versions' state.

Where can I read the system documentation?

Semograph system documentation is available at the following web-address:

Where can I see the examples of systems using?

The examples of Semograph using are described in scientific papers, the list of which is available at the following web-address:

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